Global Research

Research On The Go


Research analytics

With a suite of innovative filtering tools that provide insight, you can explore our research and data, across asset classes. With real time forecast data, you can spend more time drawing connections, not waiting on content.

Be alerted on key research

When time matters, how information is delivered is of the utmost importance. Our e-mail and push notification functionality allows you to determine when, and with what frequency notifications are sent.

Access to our Analysts

Our analysts provide award winning, consolidated, on the ground insight. With analyst pages that highlight their coverage, you are able to follow our research authors and view their latest coverage and views.

Navigate to regional content

Standard Chartered’s footprint provides unique on the ground expertise to deliver insights relevant to you. The interactive map allows you to search for country specific research, with user friendly navigation to discover related content.

Follow content relevant to you

Limitations come in many forms, but shouldn’t hinder those who rely on instant information. The ‘Follow’ function delivers content defined by you, so you don’t need to spend time looking for it. You can easily ‘Follow’ across all devices, with In-page customisable settings.

Save content for later reading

When someone controls information for you, it feels encumbering. When you control it yourself, you feel empowered. In the Briefcase, customisation, consumption and content balance perfectly.